Facebook Timeline Cover – Do You Follow These Instructions While Updating It?

Do you Follow Facebook Timeline Instruction

Timeline is one of the latest sections of your Facebook account. It replaces the profile and wall pages, and merges them together. It is a single one of the most visited-after platforms to show your photos, updates, friendships, marital status, job history, and other important information that you have recorded in your Facebook profile. On the land of strict cyber law, where a young professional is fired for tweeting about short-tempered behavior of his boss, a college student gets suspended due to inappropriate pictures on his profile and where even celebrities have their social media post analyzed, do you think you will be able to attract your customers through the Facebook timeline?

To make your timeline effective and influential, follow these easy instructions.

Are What Your ‘Timeline’ Displays

Every post and picture you share mirrors who you are. Your timeline tells your life story and gives you an opportunity to create a brand for yourself. Every image gives different message to different audiences. So, it is a must for you to post images that show a constructive and potential message to your audiences. Find the right website to choose and download images for your Facebook cover and use them for your timeline to accomplish your goals.

Think Beyond Boundary Line

No matter you hit that delete buttons one or two hour later, what you update or share will be easily found by social media giants. Hence, think thrice prior to share anything on this social media platform. Make sure that your parents won’t mind while reading your status. Ensure if you want your relatives to see the post you are sharing or what your classroom full of teachers and first graders will think about you. If you don’t want your family or relatives to see the picture, don’t upload it.

Go Miles Away

Too often, we let our emotions get the best of us and post updates without thinking. Keep that quote in mind. Don’t tell your personal problems to others through your status. Remember, 80% don’t care; and the other 20% are pleased to have them.” Avoid sharing anything that reveals about your problems to others. For this, stop searching for images when you aren’t in a good temper. Don’t upload emotional posts. Go miles away and spend some time to think about it.

If You Haven’t, Look for a Popular Portal

There are a handful of online portals, allowing you to choose the pictures for your timeline that fits your needs. These websites offer random covers that cater to your interests. Look for such a website. Download attractive and catchy images to change your timeline cover from time to time. You will easily find stylish and unique Facebook covers.

Remember, the sites come with a lot of categories for your Facebook cover design such as 3D cover, actors cover, animals cover, artistic cover, background cover, bikes cover, birds cover, colorful cover, dance cover and much more. In fact, they give you a chance to standout from your competitors and to be one step ahead. Spend those extra minutes you take picking the right pictures for your timeline. To sum up, follow the aforesaid instructions and be effective and influential on Facebook.  Read More…