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Motivational Girls Quotes

Your Smile

A girl is like stardust twinkling and glittering, a firefly wandering here and there spreading light and flower spreading fragrance in the whole world. This world is incomplete without a girl. They are little fairies. Their life starts with the affection and love of their parents. They are little angels for their mothers and fairies for their fathers. They are the princess of their fathers. They fill the hearts of their parents with love and affection. They are voice of love and care. They are so delicate and timid that even a loud voice can break their heart. After their parents, they rule the hearts of their partners. They give them love, satisfaction and strength. They are the princess of their partner’s house. They rule with all the strength.

These little angels are very delicate so they need some type of strength. A statement with true love, a true gesture of love and affection or a smile with love can heal their grievances and sadness. They need support in their whole lives. But girls are changing now. They have become more stronger and active. We see different daughters, sisters wives and mothers working in different field with perfection. Here we have collected some motivational quotes for all the girls.